Examination & Test Fee Per Person

TestAge 0-10Age 11-74Age 75+Payment Types
Exam Fee & Urine Test$100$150$200Cash or Debit

Chest X-ray (in our building) charges $50 (Age 11+).

Blood test (choice of locations) charges $25-75 (Age 15+)

Furtherance visit -  No additional charge for follow up visit if required by IRCC

Refugee IME exam and tests are covered by Interim Federal Health program with valid Blue Cross insurance.

CUAET Modified Diagnostic Test - Modified Diagnostic Test exam fee. (Age 0-14  $50, Age 15+over $100). This exam is not covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) insurance.

Additional Costs

Additional blood test may be required as a result of the examination.

Any cost for follow-up investigation or treatment needed to complete your IME is your responsibility.

If you wish to have a copy of your IME medical report, additional fee will apply and please make arrangement with our office staff at the time of your visit.

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